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Updated January 29, 2022 - 2:06 AM EST
Ukraine's Zelensky Slams West for Creating 'Panic'
  Ukraine Wants US to Dial Back Russian War Talk to Save Economy
Lavrov: There Will Be No War if It's Up to Russia
  Biden Says He'll Send Troops to Eastern Europe in the 'Near Term'
  US Naval Presence in Black Sea Doubled in 2021 Compared to 2020
  Western Foreigners Volunteering To Join 'Ukraine's Fight'
FBI Bought Israeli Spyware, Explored Hacking US Phones
  The Battle for the World's Most Powerful Cyberweapon
Iran Talks Pause as Envoys Return for Consultations
Chinese Envoy Warns US-Taiwan Ties Could Lead to War
item Ukraine Pushes Back Against American Hawks  by David Stockman
item Biden Covertly Continues the US Forever War Against the Afghan People  by Zachary Scott
item Mr. President, Stay Out of Ukraine  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item How Deep Are Russia's Ties With China?  by Ted Snider

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US to Block $130 Million (Out of $2.5 Billion) in Military Aid to Egypt
German Parliament Approves Motion to Extend Troops Mission in Iraq
US Nuclear Negotiator Congratulates Iran on Qualifying for World Cup
'Bloody Sunday' Still Scars N. Ireland 50 Years On
The War at Home
House Republicans Demand Release of Biden-Zelensky Transcript
Navy Confirms Video and Photo Posted to Social Media Show
F-35c Crash Aboard Carl Vinson
Military Families 'Exhausted' Two Months Into Water Crisis in Hawaii
US Army's New Squad Vehicle 'Ineffective for Combat'
'Space Force? Is That Real?' Guardians Still Struggling With an Unconvinced Public
Airman Found Dead in Residence Off Misawa Air Base in Japan
China Expresses Ire Over Meeting of US, Taiwan Vice Presidents
FCC Blocks US Access for Another Chinese Telecom Company
Putin, Xi to Discuss European Security Amid Ukraine Standoff: Kremlin
Chinese Military 'Ready for Any External Provocation' During Winter Olympics
UN Human Rights Chief Allowed to Visit Xinjiang After Olympics
US-Europe Joint Statement Issued After Oslo Talks With Taliban
Afghans Welcome Call to Freeze Assets of Corrupt Ex-Officials
Progress Made on Talks Over Kabul Airport With Qatar, Turkey
Modi, 5 Central Asia Heads of State Discuss Afghan Situation
Two Civilians Killed as Guards Clash at Kyrgyz-Tajik Border
Several Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Southwest Checkpost Attack
Hundreds of US, Japanese Troops Team Up for Their Largest Airborne Drill of the Year
UN Rights Chief Says Response to Myanmar Crisis 'Ineffectual'
ISIS Attack in Libya Kills Three Security Personnel: Ministry
Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi Suggests New Plan for Libyan Elections
Mali 'Ruling Nothing Out' Amid Strained France Relations
Europeans Set Two-Week Deadline to Review Untenable Mali Situation
Somali Army Kills 28 Al-Shabab Militants
Western African Regional Bloc Suspends Burkina Faso After Coup
UN: 'Extreme Lack of Food' for Many in Ethiopia's Tigray
Tunisia Thwarts Alleged Terrorist Attack Targeting Tourist Areas
Rwanda to Reopen Its Uganda Border, Ending a Tense Standoff
Freed Activist Ramy Shaath Says Egypt Is 'A Big Cell'
Sudanese Sovereign Council Expresses Concern About Activity of Foreign Missions
Algeria Receives First C-130J Super Hercules Transport Aircraft From Lockheed Martin
Armed Group Attacks UN Convoy, Burns Two Vehicles in Colombia
Colombia's Top Court Orders Government to Protect Ex-FARC Rebels
Russia and Cuba Will Keep Developing Technical Military Cooperation: RIA
Hours Out of Office, Honduras Ex-President Gains Immunity Through Regional Post
Russia Signals Possible Vote to Stop UN Meeting on Troop Buildup
'Why Should I Leave?': Expats in Ukraine Not Rushing to Depart
War Only Possible if Belarus or Russia Are Attacked, Says Lukashenko
Ukrainian Troops Train With New British Arms Amid Russia Tensions
US, Europe Working to Avoid Ukraine-Related Energy 'Supply Shock'
Ukraine Gives US Senators 4 Specific Asks
Russia Says 184 Staff to Stay at Embassy in US After Expulsion
Finnish Diplomats' Mobile Devices Hacked With Spyware
'Bloody Sunday' Still Scars Northern Ireland 50 Years On
Lithuania and Germany in Talks on More Troops in Lithuania, President Says
Germany Expelled Russian Diplomat Over Space Tech Spying: Spiegel
Azerbaijan Denies Negotiating a Currency Swap Deal With Turkey
Sweden Repatriates Women, Children From Northeast Syria
Iraq Daily Roundup: Eight Killed
Six Rockets Target Baghdad Airport, Damaging Plane
ISIS Unable to Operate in Large Groups in Iraq: Official
Chinese Soft Power in Iraq: Speak the Language, Get Jobs
Political Hurdles Impede the Election of a New Governor for Multi-Ethnic Kirkuk
Syrian Fighters Set Deadline for ISIS Gunmen to Surrender
Kurdish Fighters Found Dead in Syria Jail Hit by ISIS
Bodies of SDF Fighters Recovered After Hasakah Prison Islamic State Clashes
UN: Syria Prison Attack Shows Need to Deal With ISIS Detainees
US Lawmakers Urge Blinken to Halt UN Probe Into Crimes Committed During Gaza Conflict
Israel Arrests Palestinians in Jerusalem 'For Playing With Snow'
Bennett Vows to Pursue Settler 'Lawlessness' in Negev and West Bank
Medic Among Palestinians Shot by Israeli Soldiers, Ambulance Damaged
Israeli Forces Injure Four Palestinians, Including Child, in Kafr Qaddum
US Said Demanding to Know Why Probe of Citizen's Death After Israeli Military Arrest Not Finished
US Plans to Reroute $67 Million in Aid Towards Lebanon's Armed Forces
Lebanon Will Not 'Hand Over' Hezbollah Arms at Gulf Meeting, Minister Says
Bahaa Al-Hariri Enters Lebanese Politics After Brother Bows Out
Middle East
MbS Called Netanyahu to Renew Saudi Arabia's NSO License, Report Says
Tehran Wary of Turkey-Armenia Normalization
Turkey's Black Sea Rights 'Not Undermined' by US and NATO Proposals to Russia
Yemen: UAE-Backed Giants Brigades Begin Withdrawing From Shabwah
'Fire Under the Ashes': Anger Simmers in Jordan Over Jailing of King's Critic
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